BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) — Boardman Zoning met Tuesday afternoon to discuss a development project along Hitchcock Road and it turns out not everyone is excited about the idea. First News attended the meeting and heard both sides.

“If they build, I’m out of here. That’s just how I feel because it’s just going to make all matters worst,” said Greg Giannios.

Giannios, a resident on Jaguar Drive for roughly 38 years, is willing to give it all up if a new development is built on Hitchcock Road which backs up to his street. The plan was presented to Boardman Zoning at Tuesday afternoon’s meeting.

“The 24 to 34-year-old population that are looking for something that is more modernized but able to rent and live in the up-to-date new normals of lifestyle we’re looking for,” said potential developer Sheri Bodo.

Bodo and her husband originally purchased the wooded property for their own family home. That’s when they stumbled upon Planned Unit Developments. The proposal showed 7.4 acres of land with about 23 rental homes. One feature of the plan is a stormwater management system.

“When you start building, taking away trees and putting down pavement, water tends to run faster, and I don’t know how much water this thing can catch,” said Giannios.

Flooding was one of the biggest concerns amongst neighbors.

‘Sometimes we can’t mow our lawns, kids can’t play on their swingsets. We have to wait weeks for things to dry out,” said resident Donald Tabor.

Another concern was wildlife.

“Where are all those animals supposed to go? I like feeding our deer,” said resident Denise Young-Nycz.

Members of Boardman Zoning saw the plan as well as listened to the concerns of their residents.

“I don’t see it as a right fit for this piece of property,” said Michael Fagan with Boardman Zoning.

The Zoning Commission made a motion to deny the proposal as it was presented. They now forward it to the trustees.