BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Boardman is working to resolve a boiler issue and figures to have it fixed within a couple of weeks

Center Intermediate School has been a bit frosty the last couple of days. The temperature is low when students arrive and then heats up a little bit as the rooms fill up.

Superintendent Tim Saxton said that classrooms can be anywhere from 58 degrees in the morning and 62 to 65 degrees before the kids enter and it warms up several degrees from there.

“Unfortunately, we’ve had a little bit of unseasonable weather here in October, and over Tuesday now and Wednesday, with the lows at night being less than seasonal, it slowly dropped some of the temperatures in here so we want to make sure when kids show up Thursday we don’t want the classrooms at 58 or 58 degrees, we’d like to see them at 65, so we bought space heaters,” Saxton said.

The district added the new space heaters Wednesday for the classrooms which will help warm them faster in the morning and keep the temperature up.

“We want to create an atmosphere where people are comfortable but for us, it’s important that kids be in school and learn because the alternative is they’re sitting at home and not learning. I’d rather have them here in a classroom learning with our teachers in a 60-degree room than sitting at home and not learning,” said Superintendent Tim Saxton.

A portable boiler in the parking lot is being hooked up to the current system. The district expects to turn it on around November 1.