Boardman students learn to ‘Stop the Bleed’

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It can take just minutes for a person with significant bleeding to die if it’s not controlled.

Homeland security started a program called “Stop the Bleed” after the Sandy Hook tragedy, to educate teachers on how to prevent someone from bleeding to death.

For the first time, Mercy Health taught students in Boardman that same skill. Four kits are now available throughout the school to help in the event that someone is critically bleeding.

“I think it adds onto all of the first aid training we give our kids already,” said Principal Cynthia Fernback.

Mercy Health taught ninth graders at Boardman High School how to use those kits. They hold gauze and tourniquets to slow or stop a person from bleeding.  They also learned that if you don’t have a kit, you can use whatever items you have on hand.

“It is absolutely important to know these techniques because it can, potentially, not only save somebody else’s life, but it very well could save their own,” said Amanda Lencyk, with Mercy Health trauma prevention outreach.

Boardman teachers were taught the same skills in September. Wednesday, students were the ones engaged, and eager to learn how they could help the case of an emergency.

“It takes only ten minutes to really learn, so it is really easy to learn. Just learn it. It could help save somebody,” said Gabe Dorn, student.

Stop the Bleed training can be used in conjunction with CPR, in any situation, at school, work or even in their own home.

Instructors said they hope the training helps more people feel empowered that they have the ability to take charge should someone around them need help.

“My hope is that other districts look at this and think hey our students can do this. Our students can jump in and do something to help others,” Lencyk said.

Fernback said the students will take the lessons learned today with them for the rest of their lives.

“You never know in your lifetime when you will be called upon to be a leader,” Fernback said.

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