BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – One local school is ditching its written hall pass system and going digital.

Twelve students at Boardman High School and their teacher are behind the effort.

Next year, the school will say goodbye to its current hall pass system, and hello to its new one in the form of an app.

The project came to fruition after a department leaders’ meeting, where it was agreed that the current system wasn’t working.

“And I said well I think maybe my kids can make an app, they didn’t believe they could make an app, the kids didn’t believe it, but I believed they could,” said teacher Evelyn Stanton.

The app allows students to sign in with their student ID, scan a barcode and enter the location they’re heading to. A clock immediately starts keeping track of how long the student is gone.

“With issues with students not using the hall pass system, this should be a lot easier and a lot more intuitive. So, we should see a lot less students attempting to cheat the system,” said senior Bryce Sconyers.

The new system will help ensure students are safe, while also addressing instructional time and pointing out problems that need to be addressed with parents or administrators.

“Most times when you’re doing a project, it’s really just for a grade and then you throw it away, but this time we’re actually doing something that actually matters that’s going to affect a lot of people,” said another senior, Antonio Jackson.

And regardless of what career the twelve students in Mrs. Stanton’s Robotics and Mobile Apps class end up in, it’s taught them things they’ll carry with them forever.

“It showed us that we can work together and make a great product and it was pretty cool developing an app,” said Lukas Peters, senior.

“Feels kind of liberating, I mean not only do I get to leave and follow my own ambitions but I also leave a lasting mark on this school,” continued Bryce.

The app has already launched on the Google Play Store and will soon launch on the app store.

Boardman High School will be using that as its new hall pass system starting next year, and they created the same app for the Lisbon school district to use.