(WKBN) — Severe weather, including a tornado warning and flash flooding, hit the Valley hard Sunday night.

“We’ve been here for 46 years and at least once a year we get a storm that comes through, a big storm and this was probably one of the worst as far as flooding,” said Stephen Puhalla, who lives on Red Fox Drive in Boardman.

In Boardman, the Fire Department blocked off Squirrel Hill Court after a car stalled out and was stuck in the water.

“Our street floods, our backyard floods, we’re at the bottom of the hill,” said Squirrel Hill Court resident John Ciavarella.

Carol Klingle has lived in the same house on Squirrel Hill since 1975 and has problems with her basement flooding when there’s a heavy rain.

“I’ve been paid once by FEMA, I’ve gone to numerous township (meetings) and they tell me with the water — with the new water district that if I put some dirt back by the trees it will keep the water. Well, it will never keeps the water away,” Klingle said.

Klingle is 81-years-old and worries she won’t be able to sell her house.

“Last year, $8,000 dollars for the basement, they had to take out walls and everything. I’m getting too old for this and I’ve been complaining about this since I’ve lived here,” Klingle said.

Just a few miles over at Tippecanoe and 224, one truck braved the high water and made it through. But on Lake Park Road and Thalia Avenue, another car wasn’t so lucky.

Boardman Plaza was flooded out.

In Struthers, one couple said flooding is a reccuring problem for them too. Their driveway turned into a rushing creek from floodwaters on Sunday.

“Financially enormous, washer and dryer, fans, dehumidifier. Our decorations, the mementos we lose. It affects our basement, our foundation, our sidewalk, our mulch — everything,” said 5th Street resident Ashley Brumert.

“Our city needs to take care of the issue and stop worrying about building new town halls and start worrying about the people who pay the taxes, who live here. This isn’t 100 years like they say — like an act of God, this is an act of negligence from our city,” said 5th Street resident Jason Brumert.

In Youngstown’s Brown Lee Woods neighborhood, the force of the water was so strong it lifted a roll cart trash can and carried it across the street.

Over on Turnberry Drive in Boardman, three people were paddling a canoe down deep floodwaters on the street.

On Erskine Avenue, floodwaters were so deep they covered fire hydrants and a resident tells First News his whole basement is flooded.

The water is about knee high and the road is blocked off.