BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Although there’s a cold temperature in store for northeast Ohio tonight, winter is over.  

Winter didn’t dump a lot of snow but when the snow was flying, so was the salt to treat roads.

Sometimes, a small stone is mixed with the salt to treat the roads, called aggregate, which you might notice still along the roads.

It’s not safe for motorcycles, bicyclists, or even cars.

The aggregate needs to be collected, and Boardman has a street sweeper picking it up. It starts in one area and runs a pattern.

“We started street sweeping in March because it kinda stopped snowing in the middle of March. And so we’ve been at it for about 6 weeks now,” said Marilyn Kenner, Boardman road superintendent. “And we’ll probably be done with all the roads in Boardman Township in mid-July.  Usually, it takes us until almost September to get them done.”

Friday, it finished all the township roads south of route 224 in about six weeks. Boardman has 144 miles of road.

“It wasn’t a bad winter, but it snowed a lot of days,” Kenner said. “If it snows every day, 10 days in a row, we’re using ten times the amount of material than we would use if it snowed just 10 inches in one day.”

Boardman used 4,000 tons of aggregate and about 4,000 tons of salt during the winter, a total of 8,000 tons of material.

There’s only one street sweeper to cover all of Boardman’s 144 miles of road, but said they’ll get to your neighborhood.

“We do them all anyway. People can call if there’s an excessive amount. A lot of times, people have motorcycles in their neighborhood. They’re concerned about the aggregates, so we will try to get to those areas,” Kenner said.

The next step is the roads north of Route 224.  Weather permitting, it will begin next week.