BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) — After a round of flash flooding and a tornado warning, Boardman Township administrator Jason Loree is warning people to stay off flooded roadways.

The township is working with the state to help block affected roadways.

Loree asked drivers to stay out of high waters.

Video above shows Route 224 between Salinas Trail and Glenwood Avenue was closed for high water — it has since reopened.

Water got in some of the businesses, including the Save-A-Lot grocery store. Employees of the store built a dam out front of bottled water cases to help keep the water out.

You can see them trying to push the water out. The parking lot — as well as the east end of Boardman Plaza — is covered with three feet of water.

Parts of Mahoning County received at least 4″ of rain.

“I’m gonna put bleach down and hope for the best because I can’t replace all those appliances. I don’t have that kind of capital,” said Brandon Lingenheim, Boardman resident.

Brandon says he bought the house for roughly $55,000 but says it will cost around two-thirds the home’s value to fix all the problems.

From yesterday’s storm, Brandon said his appliances including furnace, washer and dryer will most likely need replaced.

As we know, flooding is not a new problem in the township.

Township officials have announced projects to help with the flooding. We will be working to learn more about the status of these projects.

Hanna Erdmann contributed to this report.