BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) — Last weekend’s severe storms left damage that is costing Boardman residents thousands of dollars. Many of them spoke out about wanting a solution to the floods.

Alex Moses had roughly three and a half feet of water in his basement. It destroyed his new furnace, hot water tank and washer and dryer. He also lost some items with sentimental value.

“That’s my grandfathers pool table before he passed. He gave it to me because he knew I loved to shoot pool so much,” Moses said.

Mike Melone put $25,000 into a basement water proofing system after the 2018 flood, but was still heavily impacted by the recent one. He said the system diverted the water to the footer drains, but they overflowed through the floors — causing three feet of flooding.

“I feel defeated, like I’ve done everything I possibly could to take care of my home and protect the contents of it. And it didn’t work. So what else do I need to do?” Melone said.

Mahoning County Emergency Management Agency director Andy Frost said they are going door-to-door to gather damage data to file with the state as damage declaration.

“We’ve been out all week trying to make those assessments and we will have that report ready as soon as possible,” Frost said.

“If you’re saying flood damage, really what you had is a sanitary back up if it came through the floor drain and you may have insurance for that. Check your policy,” said Boardman Township Administrator Jason Loree.

While the Boardman Board of Trustees is working on damage declaration, there are steps that can be taken to prevent sanitary backup from happening again.

“Get the gate valve, get the check valve and make sure that if you are getting that backup, you protect your home,” Loree said.

There isn’t a definite timeline for when homeowners can expect an answer, but county officials are working hard for a solution.