BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) — On Sunday, Boardman police officers took 12 students from Boardman Center Intermediate School shopping at Macy’s.

With the $300 each student was gifted, they were able to choose anything they wanted. Each officer helped them pick their gifts.

Macy’s store manager Jennifer Prietsch said it’s so special to see the excited students.

“Amazing, most of the children shop not only for themselves but for their brothers, their sisters, their caregivers, whoever. It was just kind of a magical experience,” Prietsch said.

This year, Macy’s has a new Toys ‘R Us section which gives the students even more options.

“Kids love a toy store, and they haven’t had one for a couple of years where they can come and play and pull stuff off the shelves,” Prietsch said.

Sixth grader Christopher Gothot picked out some of his favorite toys.

“Alright, so yesterday, I was with my dad. We came here maybe around 1 or 2 p.m. so we pregamed so I could see what I was going to get, picked six Transformers — all different sizes,” Gothot said.

He said he loves Transformers and can’t wait to add to his collection. He also got his little sister a present and said it’s so cool to share the experience with an officer.

“I want to say like, thank you for all they do and stuff like that, like risk their lives to like make this place better,” Gothot said.

“It’s an awesome experience that I even get to be with these kids every day during the school year. It’s great when I come down the halls, they’re all excited. I get a lot of fist bumps and a lot of high-fives. I pulled in this morning and two of the kids saw me in the parking lot and came running over,” said school resource officer Matt Sell.