BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN)- WRTA’s Art on the Move campaign began Thursday.

Everything got started Thursday morning during an event at DeBartolo Commons in Boardman.

Nine artists won an art contest, and now their work is a part of a giant mural on a WRTA bus which was unveiled Thursday.

The artists won a memento poster and a $100 dollar Visa gift card. Their art helps to show the positive impact of public transportation in the Valley.

“Some of the artists have really taken the jay and the city and intermingled together some very beautiful artwork that, you know, you wouldn’t have seen it without asking about it or people really getting a chance to show it off to everybody,” said WRTA Executive Director Dean Harris.

The campaign will run through the next few months. A full list of the winners can be found here:

  1. Nicholas Begnaud
  2. Gary Balog
  3. Laura Marciella
  4. Michael Flood
  5. Leah Sydney
  6. Ron Moore
  7. Daniel Madeline
  8. Kendra Blake
  9. Gabriel Pagan