BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Students at Boardman High School had some helpers start their journey to grow fresh food for their school lunches.

The high school’s garden club had some help from goats clearing out the area.

“We’re trying to pull the weeds, we brought in couple of goats to help us pull the weeds and eat up some poison ivy,” said Natalie Winkle, the food service director at Boardman Schools.

Winkle says students came to her about starting a garden. She says it is important that people understand where their food comes from.

“So it’s a process it’s going to take sometime but I have a student group that is going to be coming in and helping with it,” said Winkle.

Several students were working with Winkle on an environmental team. They asked her about starting a garden at the school and she was eager to help.

“Create an environment without having to use pesticides, fertilizers, so we can grow healthy food for out school lunches,” said student Mackenzie Kelso.

A junior, Kelso also co-founded the Garden Club with a classmate. Their first goal is to clear out the court yard so that they can begin planting. Mackenzie brought the goats from her family farm to help with the process.

“After I graduate, I really hope that younger students jump on, carry on, keep it clean, keep it going, maybe even build more,” said Kelso.

The garden club is going to plant various vegetables and even blueberry bushes.

Mrs. Winkle wants to show the students how nature takes care of us when we take care of it.