BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) — On Sunday, kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes and roamed their neighborhoods for candy – but none of it would be possible without neighbors willing to hand some out.

One group of Boardman residents has a longstanding Halloween tradition.

“We have all our friends and our neighbors and we all get together every year. All of our children are grown and we all get together and have a little party and hand out candy every year,” said resident Jennifer Maloney.

It is their tenth year of getting together.

“The kids love it when they come here, they get to make the rounds. There’s cookies, potato chips, candy, whatever,” said John Pontuti.

The tradition proves that Halloween isn’t just for kids, but adults, too.

“Just dressing up, decorations and seeing the kids walking around having a good time – my favorite parts,” said Mike Hurl.