BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – A Boardman man said he never expected to be assaulted and called racial slurs just two days after moving into his apartment. 

“Even with everything that’s going on right now, that’s like, you know, just something that shouldn’t even have to happen,” Daylin Wilson said. 

Daylin Wilson said there is a fence in between his apartment building and his neighbor. He said because he just moved in, however, he didn’t know his neighbor’s property line reached beyond the fence. 

Wilson said he was on his own side of the fence walking his dog when his neighbor, Richard Vince, Jr., began yelling at him to get off of his property and yelling racial slurs. 

This led to Wilson being beaten with a bat, according to police reports. 

“He just started spazzing on me, calling me every word in the book, telling me to get my n-word dog and my n-word a-word off of his lawn and his property,” Wilson said.

Wilson said after his neighbor began yelling at him, he took his dog inside and came back out with a bag to clean up after the dog.

That’s when things got physical, he said. 

“As I’m cleaning up my dog’s poop, then that’s when he ran over and tried to get, pretty much, physical and tried to hit me with a bat. Actually he did, he hit me in my leg and over here on my face,” Wilson said. 

Wilson’s girlfriend tried to intervene to break it up but ended up getting struck as well, according to the police report. She said she was grabbed by the neck and thrown up against a brick wall. 

“All she was trying to do was break up the fight that was happening, and really, I wasn’t even trying to fight the dude, like I said, I was just trying to hold the bat from him, trying to restrain him,” Wilson said. 

Vince was arrested and charged with felonious assault and assault. 

Wilson said even with the assault and the name calling, he just wanted Vince to get help and doesn’t have any hatred toward him. 

“Everybody has their bad days; I’m not gonna hold something against him,” Wilson said. 

Wilson and his girlfriend had been protesting for peace Sunday at the Sojourn to the Past rally held in Youngstown. 

He said he was disappointed that just a day later, he would be involved in a violent act brought on by racism. 

Wilson did say that Boardman police responded quickly and appropriately. 

“If anything went right, I have to say the Boardman police did take care of things the way that was supposed to be necessary,” Wilson said. 

Vince, who is being held in the Mahoning County Jail, appeared in court Tuesday morning, where bond was set at $12,500. He’s scheduled to appear in court again for a preliminary hearing on June 23.

Richard Vince, Jr., charged with felonious assault in Boardman

He was ordered to have no contact with Wilson.