Boardman home demolition project paused unexpectedly

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BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Neighbors said they’ve been looking forward to a flood mitigation project in Boardman, but the project came to a temporary stop on Friday.

A contractor started demolishing a house on South Cadillac Friday morning when workers discovered asbestos inside, forcing the project to come to a halt.

“What happened is, when they started exposing the interior of the walls, they noticed some ‘transite’ that was inside the building. So now we’re gonna have an asbestos contractor come out and he’ll make another assessment,” said Boardman Township road superintendent Marilyn Kenner.

Brad Smith has lived there for 25 years and has seen the problem firsthand.

“I’m an engineer by trade and I looked up what they were doing and I saw the benefits of this, and I felt this would really be something if it’s done right, really improve the neighborhood,” Smith said.

The contractor actually started demolishing a different home on South Cadillac on Thursday evening. Neighbor Ashley Crogan sent First News video of the work, which caught many by surprise.

“Starting at 8:30 at night, you know, we were putting our kids to bed and all of a sudden we hear a house coming down,” said a woman who didn’t want to appear on camera.

The project will eventually redirect the flow of the creek and create new retention areas to hold storm runoff.

The township used grant money to purchase seven homes in all.

Kenner said at this point, the asbestos issues could delay the demolition of the house for another month.

“And then all of the debris that’s. coming from the house will go into a special hazardous waste landfill,” Kenner said.

The other homes should all come down within a week or so.

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