BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – A Boardman extrusion plant along Lake Park Road had to delay work Tuesday morning, following Sunday’s storm.

It resumed operations on one press at 5 a.m. and its second at noon.

Flooding peaked Sunday night in numerous places around Boardman. It filled basements and appliances were floating. Tuesday, the damaged items could be seen out by the curbs.

There were plenty of items that could not be saved. Those are now garbage, and the bigger items will have to be replaced.

Scott Byrns had over three feet of water in his basement Sunday.

“It’s very frustrating. You try to have nice stuff and they keep telling us about this project they are supposedly doing. North and South Caddilac they supposedly tore up and left it a mess. They’ve done nothing, and there’s no answers either,” Byrns said. “It’s frustrating for the whole community. They need to do something. You hear we are doing this or we are doing that and everyone is like when is it happening? And here we are — another flood.”

This is the third time Byrns has dealt with flooding. Once on Parkside, and now twice while living along Melrose Avenue.