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Boardman family still looking for place to stay after flood waters ruin house

The house is on Woodview Avenue in Boardman

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) - Lisa Coleman's family is one of 12 whose homes were deemed unlivable after Friday's flash flooding in Boardman.

According to the American Red Cross, who stepped in to help Boardman residents affected by the severe weather, Coleman and her family are the only ones still looking for a place to stay.

"Back wall of the basement caved in and the landlord said he's not going to fix it, he's knocking the house down. We been here nine years. We need a place and I'd rather stay in Boardman because we've been here and the kids are getting ready to start school," Coleman said.

The Red Cross has been paying for her to stay in a hotel with her husband and their two grandkids. Her husband is on oxygen.

"He's use to being home and getting around -- he gotta go up steps, he gotta get in the elevator and travel to the car when our car is right here in the driveway. So it's a struggle for everybody," she said.

Coleman is thankful for all the support the Red Cross and her friends and family have given her.

"Red Cross did give us shelter and food, money for the hotel for three days and that was Friday. Three days is up after today," she said.

She says trying to find a place to stay this weekend has been hard -- a deal for a new place fell through on Sunday.

"Praying for good news tomorrow. I did put some calls in and I'm going to put some more calls in tomorrow," she said.

Despite not getting paid while she takes time off to settle into a new place, Coleman says they are determined to stay in Boardman.

"This is tragic for our family. This is tragic, but we a strong family and we'll get through it with God's help," she said.

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