(WKBN) — The snow continued to fall all of Sunday evening and plows were out clearing the roads and laying down salt.

The weather has made for some interesting driving conditions. Just after 7:30 p.m., a car spun into a bridge support in Youngstown.

Driving conditions continued to worsen as more snow fell.

On Clarencedale Avenue in Boardman, one family was shoveling their street to help drivers.

Delonte Washington has been clearing the road since the early evening. He lives on a hill that’s hard to drive through the snow.

“Coming up this hill can be a little bit treacherous for some that don’t have good tires. So people won’t have a hard time once they get that stop sign. At least they can get a little bit of traction on their tires and be able to make it through,” Washington said.

Delonte’s children also helped shovel. They love the winter weather.

“We help our dad shovel all this snow,” said Delonte Washington Jr.

“We’re really excited that we can put up with him,” said Destiny Washington.

“I’m just trying to tackle it early before it really comes down,” Washington said.

Washington said he shoveled around 5 inches of snow on the small patch of street in just a few hours. The snow kept falling making it hard to keep up.

He wants people to be safe.

“Stay home. Stay home. It’s not worth it,” Washington said.