Boardman daycare prepares children for grade school through technology

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As technology continues to aim at the younger generation, one Boardman daycare is using it to prepare children for grade school

For months, Precious Miracle has been using the pen and paper method of teaching. The daycare is now using a mix of new age technology such as tablets and surround sound systems to help the kids learn.

The children write numbers and letters on the tablets with their fingers. The writing then shows up on the smart TV in front of the class, giving them a visual aid of the example and how they wrote it in real-time. 

This style of learning stimulates the child’s senses, helping them to learn at a faster pace. Owner Sarah Pritchard said this is a move toward the classroom of the future.

“The kids are more excited about learning,” she said.

However, that is not all the technology is used for. 

“We have learning apps, we have gaming apps teaching them their colors, their numbers, their ABC’s, how to write their names. I also have the independant app where it will teach them how to groom themselves, wash their hair, get dressed, how to put clothing together too as well, so it’s actually creating different things other than just learning,” said owner Sarah Pritchard. 

The technology is also helping parents see more in their own children. Tabitha Curtis has a son at the daycare who has been using the technology for two weeks. 

“He’s a lot smarter than I thought he would be,” Curtis said. “He can visually see more here than he can anywhere else.”

“They’re not struggling because they actually get to see it visually on a big screen, That’s the part. It’s the interacting they like to do,” Pritchard said. 

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