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Boardman celebrates Oktoberfest though cuisine and crafts

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The community gathered in Boardman for Oktoberfest on Sunday for a family day of food and crafts.  

Organizer Shelley Laberto said the community came together 42 years old celebrate something that became an annual event.  

Laberto is part of the Boardman Rotary Club, which raises money from Oktoberfest and gives back to different organizations in the area. 

“Easter Seals, the Beatitude House, both the YMCA and YWCA, Boys and Girls Club, Potential Development, the Rich Center, Boardman schools, Boy Scouts. The list is amazing,” Laberto said.  

Residents from Boardman and surrounding cities are accustomed to attending the festival every year.  

“I’ve been coming here since I was little, just like my mom. It’s like a family thing,” said Macalin Sandquist.  

Sandquist is a cheerleader at YSU. She said she got back to campus after the Saturday game around 1:30 a.m., but that did not stop her from getting up early to attend the festival.  

“Waking up early in the morning, meeting my mom here is the best feeling ever,” she said.  

Businesses also make it a yearly tradition to sell goods at the event.  

Doris Delights has been selling gourmet chocolate-covered apples at Oktoberfest since 2007. 

“I have regular repeat customers that come back looking for me all the time now,” said Doris Stevens, owner of Doris Delights. 

Stevens offers a variety of gourmet apples, such as pretzel-chocolate, marshmallow-chocolate and praline pecan-chocolate.  

“I usually sell out of everything that I bring,” she said. 

This is one of the few times she can sell her sweets on a big stage, so Stevens said this is a huge money maker for her.  

Cantola Crafts began making appearances at the festival five years ago. Al Cantola, owner of the business, said the festival is already a must-go for them.  

“It is a top money-maker for us as a crafter. They really bring the crowd out,” Cantola said.  

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