Boardman biology teacher writes book to help students with virtual learning

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The book is called "Biology Help for the Virtual Weary Student"

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – There’s a new biology book to help students with virtual learning, and it was written by a Boardman teacher. 

Heather Moran has been an advanced biology teacher at Boardman High School for more than 20 years. Just like her students, she had to adjust to virtual learning.

So, she decided to write the book last year when she noticed students were getting the answers but struggling to understand how.

“You can read a story in literature and read it and understand it and answer questions about it, but there are some subjects in science, especially like biology that you need a teacher,” she said.

The book is called “Biology Help for the Virtual Weary Student.”

Inside are 17 different stories to help students understand the concept without using science-related words.

Moran calls it the anti-text book because it’s not like any other workbooks she has seen. 

“There are stories; there are stories about making apple pie and about a carrot plant, so you read the stories, and they’re kind of fun, and it gives you the concept along the way,” she said.

Moran wrote the book in the summer. Her students helped her pick out the cover, while an art student helped design all the graphic.

It’s now available on

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