BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) — A decision has been made by the Boardman Planning and Zoning on what to do with the land near Leffingwell and Tippecanoe roads.

“And we have to look at it, how do we feel about this plan, I feel totally against it,” said Frank Centofanti of the Boardman Planning and Zoning Commission. He gave his opinion about the proposed housing development.

Universal Development of Girard wants to build a home development on a piece of land that is now a farm, but residents brought up their concerns after the second hearing of the proposal.

In a second proposal, J. Michael Thompson said that the development they are proposing isn’t new for Universal Developments.

“The other communities where we’ve built these like Poland and Canfield are not shy about maintaining development standards,” said Thompson.

The proposed area sits is near Tippecanoe and Leffingwell roads which the former connects Western Reserve Road and Route 224. That brings up the concern of traffic.

“So in other words, the formal traffic study concludes that the development will not generate enough new traffic that the existing road can’t handle,” said Thompson.

But one resident claims, it wasn’t accurate.

“I was there watching the traffic control counter and they happened to do it when the road was closed,” said Joyce Ditosto.

Thompson declined to comment.

People who live on the other side of Indian Run raised concerns over how the development could affect flooding.

“It’s going to cause a lot more problems for us. If that gets washed out how are we going to get home?” said Kathy Paull.

“So whatever problems are being caused by Indian Run, whatever problems are being caused in the spot where it runs under Huntington Circle, will not be impacted by this because our water is going the other way,” said Thompson.

But there was some confusion over if these homes will be rentals or condos with Universal Developments saying some can become condos while others stay condos.

“We file condominium documents on every building. Somebody will come along like you fellas and half of you guys are going to say ‘I don’t want to cut grass anymore. I’d like to rent it,’ and that’s when it gets rented,” said Ronald Anderson.

“You buy a condo, you’re living next to a {rental}. That’s an extreme concern,” said Michael Fagan.

The board voted against the proposed plan. Now it goes into the hands of the trustees, who will decide if they accept or deny the board’s opinion.