TRANSFER, Pa. (WKBN) – The Shenango River Watchers hosted its second annual Eagle Fest.

Those who attended were able to observe and learn more about bald eagles.

The Army Corps of Engineers, which manages the lake, used this event to learn more about the eagles.

“Citizen Scientists” are collecting data for the Army Corps to have a better understanding of the lake’s environment and the number of bald eagles nesting there.

Citizen Scientists are very important, according to Evan Skornick, of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Pittsburgh.

“As volunteers, they allow us to really get much greater data than we could just on our own or just with the partners we have,” he said.

Anyone can be a citizen scientist; no special certification is required.

If you weren’t able to attend today’s event – you can still go out and enjoy the nature surrounding the Shenango River Lake.

With the leaves off the trees and the lake frozen, it becomes a prime fishing opportunity for bald eagles.
This means you might be able to go on your own and find some of these birds.