CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – It’s been nine months since we first showed you the new Birds in Flight Wildlife Sanctuary Canfield.

Founder Heather Merritt says the future is bright for the wildlife sanctuary.

“The education we can offer is huge,” she said. “The things we’re doing here — I’m super excited and I hope that everybody finds it exciting.”

A lot has changed since we first visited the 80-acre property on Columbiana-Canfield Road.
There’s now an area for rescue domestic birds, and the rehabilitation building, complete with quarantine rooms and six flight cages, is almost finished.

“There’s a few odds and ends that we have to do but for the most part, the rehabilitation is ready to go,” Merritt said.

The first educational cage is in place and Merritt said she wants to add 19 more.

“That is where people will be able to follow a predetermined path to be able to see the birds and the animals that we actually have,” she said.

Building the educational cages and flight cages come at a cost.

Each educational cage is about $10,000 while the flight cages are $17,000 a piece. Merritt says there are opportunities to sponsor cages.

“We’re looking for donations to hopefully grow to what we need to be,” Merritt said.