YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Last week, Rep. Bill Johnson spoke at the Youngstown Rotary Meeting.

He made various comments involving what’s going on in Washington and in Russia.

“They perceive us as being weak right now, that President Biden shuts down pipelines here in America, that he throttles our ability to harvest our own natural resources oil and gas here in America. While he approves and relieves sanctions off the Russians to build their Nord Stream 2 pipeline, they see America as weak,” he said.

Johnson also shared the following message about the holidays and the tough times COVID-19 has presented.

“Ready the holidays like everybody else is, I wish everybody a very merry Christmas and let me just leave on an optimistic note. America has had far more victories than defeats, these are troubling times, COVID threw a big monkey wrench in everybody’s situation. We’re going to make it through this because Americans are perseverant,” Johnson said.

Senator Rob Portman released a statement Friday after a video conference with Ukraine’s President.
The two talked about making Ukraine’s security better as Russian troops mobilize on the border, democratic reforms for the country, and that the U-S will continue to support them.

He said, “Seven years ago, in the revolution of dignity, Ukraine and its people stood up to their Russian-backed leaders and turned to the west. They have chosen to stand with us. Now, the United States must stand with them.”