SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – A big sewer project has started along Western Reserve Road in Springfield Township.

The first part just covers a quarter mile. There are still two miles to go. It’s sure to impact some businesses and some are not happy.

Vince Furrie owns Sparkle Market. He’s already seen an impact.

“We’re down 80% of our customers right now,” he said.

Just one register and service counter were open Monday when we talked to Furrie. On a normal Monday, four registers would be ringing purchases. Furrie believes people thought Western Reserve Road was closed and are staying away.

“I generate all of my cash profit right now and Christmas. After that, January and February they’re both losers. I need to save my money for these two months to get through the next few months. So obviously, that’s not going to happen. The store is going to show a loss,” Furrie said.

The orange barrels went up on Halloween, blocking off the section between Hitchcock Road and Glenwood Avenue. Green sewer pipes are being installed underground until the day before Thanksgiving.

Jon Diroff runs an auto services business. He’s telling customers about the situation but also has to drive through it.

“I mean, I go on test drives after I do a brake job or something and having to get out to try a different route to be able to get around and things like that. So, it’s gonna be a delay for sure,” Diroff said.

Plus, some of the construction equipment is in the parking lot Diroff uses. He’s not excited about this continuing for three weeks.

“Have my customers come in, I gotta tell them, you know, they may have to wait up to 15 minutes just to be able to get into the parking lot here,” Diroff said.

Signs say Western Reserve is open for business. Riser Tavern & Grill is closed Mondays, but its sign makes sure people know it will still be open.

Police are letting local traffic through to local businesses if you tell them. There are about a dozen businesses in the first section seeing work.

“Let’s face it. If you’re a business person working in the area, you work around customers. These people work whenever they want to work and then they infused a problem on me. This shouldn’t be my problem,” Furrie said.

Furrie believes it would’ve been better to do the work in the summer or spring.

Riser could feel the biggest pinch. The day the project is scheduled to be done, is their biggest night of the year. Any delays could put it in jeopardy.