YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Saturday night’s big show left behind a big mark on downtown Youngstown. Luke Bryan was the first Y-Live show in three years.

The biggest party in Youngstown history turned up the sound at Wean Park.

Y-Live got a quick call about the show after it was over.

“Sunday morning we had a call with Luke’s agent, who was absolutely over the moon,” said Jordan Ryan, executive director of JAC Management.

The new home of Y-Live shined with Luke Bryan as 20,000 fans packed into Wean Park.

On Monday, the final pieces were being disassembled and hauled away.

“We’re still tearing down, a lot of trash still to clean up. We got a street sweeper coming on later in the week to make sure we’re all ready for Lynyrd Skynyrd on Friday,” Ryan said.

That show will be inside the Covelli Centre. Saturday night’s show was outdoors, just like the other three Y-Live events were, but this one was off YSU’s campus. So, the organizers wanted to make sure the concert-goers noticed the attention to detail.

“We try to make everything a 10 out of 10, but with a first event, we wanted the customer experience — that’s what we were focusing on,” Ryan said.

Security was the number one focus. It took time to get 20,000 people through the admission gate, but that was to be expected. JAC also knew parking would be troublesome with two downtown streets getting major repairs.

At the venue, JAC noticed one area for improvement.

“We want to make some changes to food and beverage to make sure the people can have access to food and beverage quicker, in a more timely manner. I would say that’s the biggest logistical thing we’re going to make sure is improved for next year,” Ryan said.

Y-Live had been on hold for two years.

The words “next year” are what everyone who went to the show wants to hear.

“We don’t know who’s coming next year yet, but we’re working on it,” Ryan said.

Jordan also said the revenue was still being totaled from Saturday’s show, but there are a lot of expenses people don’t realize. He reiterated that 20,000 people were at the concert.