(WKBN) – Veterans or their surviving spouses may qualify for benefits, but they may not know it.

Advocates warn veterans to seek out help. Recent changes in VA benefits mean more veterans and surviving spouses qualify for help.

Veterans Service Commissions in Ohio or Veterans Affairs offices in Pennsylvania can provide assistance.

The PACT Act passed in August opened new benefits for veterans, and it even made family members eligible for them.

“If you think you’re eligible, if you’re not sure you’re eligible, always contact your veteran service commission to find out what you’re eligible for. Don’t listen to rumors on the street about you know what someone else got, because everybody’s story is different,” said Kim Adama, a spokesperson for Community Legal Aid.

Community Legal Aid can also help veterans who are waiting for a benefit by helping them get more time in certain circumstances to avoid eviction or financial hardship while waiting for eligibility.