Beaver Twp. police looking for man who skipped out on bill at C’s Waffles

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C's Waffles, Beaver, theft suspect

Police in Beaver Township are looking for a man who dined and ditched on the bill at C’s Waffles.

Police said it happened around 11 a.m. Sunday.

The man ordered an omelet, side of bacon and a hot tea. When the waitress gave him his bill, he walked out the door like he was on his cell phone and then hung up the cell phone and ran away, police said.

Employees at the store said surveillance video captured images of the man, who was wearing a Browning Arms camouflage baseball hat, blue t-shirt, black coat, blue jeans and white shoes.

The owner said it is believed that the same man was involved in stealing food from the restaurant in the past.

One month ago, a man came in, saying he worked for a big company that placed an order and was shorted a sandwich. He was given a new BLT sandwich, which he ate in the restaurant, according to a police report.

The owner reported that the man was also in a few weeks ago, and employees think he skipped out on the bill then, too.

The suspect is “very talkative” and only comes in when it’s busy, according to the report.

Police posted a photo of the man on their Facebook page in the hopes that someone can identify him.

Those with information are asked to call police at 330-549-5338.

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