STRUTHERS, Ohio (WKBN) – The Beatitude House held their biggest fundraiser Friday but with a twist. It was a wine tasting held at The Embassy in Struthers.

The drop-in, drive-thru wine taste had it all.

People got to choose between three different entrees, four sides and a full bottle of wine.

A local bakery even provided a wine themed dessert. All to help a great cause.

“This year we thought how can we engage everybody, raise money for the women and children of Beatitude House and have some fun? So, if you want to come in, there is still that option to be able to have fun, to participate in everything and just take your meals out,” said Jessica Driscoll, Beatitude House communications and community relations director.

The Beatitude House has three programs that help local women and children. Those include a scholars program, an immigrant outreach program, and a housing program.

There were volunteers giving their time to the program that has done so much for them.

“Give back to everything, to a program that given to me, helping me move forward and reach my goals in my program,” said Cassandra Singh, participant of the Ursuline Sisters Scholarship Program.

In 2020, the fundraisering event to be canceled last minute due to the pandemic, which hurt financially in many ways. Organizers thought outside the box this year to still bring this 20-year strong event back to life.

“Friday nights, people go out to dinner, so tonight they get to support a great cause. They pick up dinner, they pick up a bottle of wine. They can come in and do the wine pull, they could do a raffle, they could win something and people are seeing people again in person,’ said Maryjo Kubiak, board member for the Beatitude House.

The baskets were donated by dozens of local businesses and sponsors.

Organizers say they hope to be able to do this event back in person next year.

The Beatitude house has some upcoming events to look out for. On May 20, there will be a press conference for the inspiring hope campaign. In July, they will be celebrating their 30th Anniversary, and July 26 is when they will hold their annual golf outing hosted by window world.