BBB warns of campaign call scams

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Better Business Bureau is warning people about campaign call scams. 

The caller will tell you they are from a certain political campaign, ask you to make a donation and then take your credit card information over the phone. 

This was a big problem during the 2016 election, and the same is expected for 2020. 

“Scam artists like to take advantage of the situation and as we are going into 2020, and we have another political year. We are just waiting for those phone calls, waiting for those emails and text messages. So, as we are getting behind our issues and our candidates, we have to protect our personal information,” said Melissa Ames, spokesperson for the local Better Business Bureau. 

Ames said they haven’t had too many reports of campaigns scams heading into the next election cycle yet and hopes by making everyone aware of the potential will cut down on the problem. 

“Ohio is always a big center of attention. So, as local consumers and voters know in the last political election, they received non-stop political calls, so we are just waiting for it again,” she said. 

Ames said there is not much you can do to stop political calls. They are exempt from the Do Not Call list, so consumers have to be vigilant in keeping their private information safe. 

Also, be careful of participating in “polls” that come with a prize. Those are typically calls fishing for personal information. 

One of the best courses of action is to not answer a call from a number you don’t recognize, and let those go to voicemail.

If you want to donate to a campaign, go directly to that campaign’s website. 

Other calls that are exempt from Do Not Call list include charities and debt collection. 

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