Basketball court closed in Trumbull County city following vandalism, foul language

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There have been problems on the courts before

CORTLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – The basketball court at Willow Park in Cortland is closed because of an ongoing problem the city has been dealing with for months.

Caution tape now surrounds the basketball hoops inside the park. The court is closed for the time being because of a recent string of vandalism and foul language used on the courts.

“We’ve had an ongoing problem. This has been months in the making,” said Mayor Deidre Petrosky.

Petrosky says the maintenance team at the park walks into a grisly scene almost daily.

“We’ve been having increasing damage to the restrooms,” she said. “Ripping the soap dispenser off the wall, stealing soap inserts, putting toilet paper rolls in the toilet and flushing it and flooding the restrooms. Other disgusting incidents, and we’ll leave that up to your imagination.”

City officials suspect some who use the basketball court could be the culprits.

“The case of a few bad apples is ruining it for everyone,” Petrosky said.

There have been problems on the courts before.

“Prior issues we’ve had on the basketball court are people swearing, people littering, people fighting,” Petrosky said.

The court will be closed for a few weeks, and then city officials will reassess what to do from that point.

“We do want to get the basketball court reopened. That is our goal, but we need cooperation from people in the community,” Petrosky said.

Anyone with information on the vandalism can call the non-emergency line at 330-675-2730. Suspicious behavior can also be reported at that number.

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