BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Everyone wants to watch the Browns-Steelers game tonight. Finding it is more complicated than normal.

It’s an NFL rivalry, unmatched in this area. Most of the Browns and Steelers games are on CBS, but tonight’s game is on Amazon Prime Video, a streaming service.

“Browns-Steelers in Youngstown is as important as it gets. This is the game everybody has to see,” said Perry Riddick, manager of Lanai Lounge.

Riddick has TVs to show every major sporting event a customer wants to see.

“We had known last year that it was going to be taken over the first few weeks of the season for Thursday night football. The schedule came out. Browns were on it. We had to make sure we’re prepared to make sure we can see these games,” he said.

That preparation will pay off tonight. Since most fans can’t watch from home, unless they have an Amazon membership, football fans will have to go to a place where they can watch the game. Lanai Lounge has indoor and outdoor viewing space.

“It will increase by at least 35% to 40% this evening over an average evening, easily,” Riddick said.

WKBN is not allowed to televise the game, but there are TV stations in Cleveland and Pittsburgh that are allowed, and your cable system may have those channels.

Amazon bid to carry this game and will see if it starts the streaming trend.

“We’ll see what happens in the future and what they decide to do. If we have to take the steps to make sure our customers get to see the games they want, we will,” Riddick said.

The second Browns-Steelers game will be the final game of the season. The network carrying it and the time will be decided later based on if the game has playoff implications.