HOWLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – Firefighters from multiple departments were able to quickly extinguish a fire at a Howland restaurant Sunday night, although it could still be some time before it can reopen.

Jack’s Y-Two Bar and Grill in the 1800 block of Niles Cortland Road is temporarily closed. It’s posted on the sign outside.

A fire damaged a back storage area around 11:45 p.m. Sunday while the restaurant was still open.

The smoke was initially spotted by an employee who was taking the garbage out.

Caller: “There’s a fire in the kitchen.”
Dispatcher: “Is it still going?”
Caller: “Yes.”

Howland Fire Chief James Pantalone says firefighters quickly got there and were able to quickly put the fire out.

Bazetta, Cortland, Vienna and Youngstown Airbase fire departments all assisted Howland Fire.

“We were lucky that there was someone still at that business and caught it. There was no alarm system that would have alerted, so had this been after they had closed up, we could have had a major, significant damage problem,” Pantalone said.

At this point, investigators are leaning toward the fire’s cause being electrical, but it remains under investigation.

“We’ve got to test the circuits. We did have two circuits that did trip in the breaker panel but we want to look at all those avenues as we begin the investigation and close it up. Won’t take too long but just a couple more details we’re getting some information about,” Pantalone said.

Fire damage was contained to that back storage area but smoke did impact the back of the building including the kitchen and a working office.

Pantalone says the restaurant could be closed anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

“It’ll depend on how bad the damage was and the cleaning process,” he said.