YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Police boarding up a bar that the city is trying to declare a nuisance say they found six pounds of marijuana inside.

Lt. Gerard Slattery, head of the city police department’s vice squad, said a large amount of cash and a revolver were also found inside All City Sports Bar at 1698 Mahoning Ave.

Slattery said as crews were boarding up the bar, officers doing an inventory found a bag of marijuana. They then got a search warrant from the municipal court to search further, which is how they found the rest of the marijuana and the gun.

Officers with the Community Police Unit and Vice Squad boarded up the bar on Friday after the city filed court papers asking it to be declared a nuisance.

Police say the bar generated parking and quality of life complaints in the area, as well as gunfire.

A woman was grazed by a bullet Tuesday from someone shooting in a parking lot across the street.

In July, a man was shot on the sidewalk and in November 2018, a man was shot to death in the bar.

In the last two weeks, two men have been arrested outside of the bar on gun charges.

Bar owner Brandon Brown referred any questions to his attorney, Walter Madison.

Police filed for a temporary restraining order Friday in Mahoning County Common Pleas Court, which was granted by Magistrate Tim Welsh. A full hearing will be held Tuesday in the courtroom of Judge R. Scott Krichbaum.

A complaint accompanying the temporary restraining order said the vice squad began investigating the bar in June following complaints from residents and business owners in the area.

The complaint also documents several incidents this summer when police were called for up to 100 cars parked around the bar on side streets and fights that spilled outside into the street.

The complaint also said police have been called to the bar 13 times this summer, often for large, unruly crowds, and on one occasion, police had to call Austintown police for help.

On some of these calls, police have had bottles thrown at them while trying to disperse crowds, the complaint said.

The complaint also said people bring weapons into the bar without being checked, although earlier this week Brown said he has security at the bar.

The bar was also cited three times for violating the state’s guidelines for reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic by the Ohio Investigative Unit. Brown said earlier this week two of those citations were for people on the sidewalk and not in the bar.