Back to work: What does the routine change mean for your pets?

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Your pet has probably grown accustomed to you being home for extra walks and more playtime

(WKBN) – Some people are heading back to work after being home for two months. The change isn’t only for you; it could have an impact on your pets.

You might be looking forward to getting back to your normal work routine, but chances are that your dog might not be.

“They really don’t understand or comprehend, It’s just that you’re not there and they want you there,” said veterinarian Donald Allen.

Your pet has probably grown accustomed to you being home for extra walks and more playtime. When things go back to normal for you, it might not be for them.

“We saw this coming a few weeks ago, that when people leave the house and go back to work, those puppies are going to probably be fairly needy and dependent,” said Allen.

For people who got a puppy during quarantine, it is important that you prepare them before leaving them alone.

“Try to establish those routines ahead of time so that it is not a drastic change. If the puppy is used to going out seven times a day and now you’re going to take it out two or three times a day, that’s going to be a problem,” Allen said.

For some, even taking care of a dog during this time has been overwhelming.

“We had a few returns,” said Jane MacMurchy from Animal Charity of Ohio.

MacMurchy said that those who adopted during this time should be patient with their animal, especially if they have had a tough life before adoption. You not being there can be just as hard on them emotionally.

“If you feel like you adopted an animal and you’re facing challenge after challenge, you should expect it if you’re adopting any animal. Whether their a puppy, everyone has growing pains,” MacMurchy said.

Both veterinarians said that dogs should adjust to the change over time. If you notice any difficult behavior issues, you reach out to your vet.

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