Valley woman doesn’t let developmental disability stop her from sharing kindness with local food banks

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Tammy Helmuth didn't keep her COVID-19 stimulus money for herself but instead donated it to help food banks in the community

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The coronavirus pandemic has made life difficult in a lot of ways, but many people also had assistance from the government with the stimulus check.

One Austintown woman with a developmental disability chose to do something special with her federal money.

“Tammy is really somebody who puts others before herself, and it’s showing right now,” said David Howe, regional director at Siffrin.

Tammy Helmuth didn’t keep her COVID-19 stimulus money for herself.

“Due to everything going on, she saw the need of other people that came before herself,” Howe said.

Instead, she donated it.

When asked why she wanted to do it, Tammy said, “So the homeless people have food to eat.”

She gave $500 to the Warren Family Mission and $500 to the Community Kitchen in Youngstown.

Siffrin, the company that helps her live and work, says they are really proud of her.

“Tammy took that money and decided that, given the state of our community, she wanted to take that money and pay it forward to those who could use it more than she could right now,” Howe said.

Tammy says she chose those two places because she used to be a volunteer and both helped her find a job.

“I wanted to do it because I had a spend out and I had to get money to give to them and I wanted to do it,” she said.

It’s an act of kindness that shows we can all learn a lot from people like Tammy.

“If one person can see this and see the good in somebody with a disability and find out that they can be positive, contributing members of society, that’s the goal,” Howe said.

Tammy is also a member of the Mahoning County Special Olympics team. Their season has been canceled, but she can’t wait for track and field next year.

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