AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Reports said a Girard man cited for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence and obstructing official business early Tuesday threatened to post embarrassing information about police on the internet.

Matthew Ragozine, 38, was arraigned in Mahoning County Area Court after he was cited about 2:10 a.m. today. He is due back in court Monday for a pretrial hearing.

Reports said Ragozine was the driver of an SUV pulled over by township police on Interstate 80 after they received reports of someone driving recklessly through the parking lot of Hollywood Gaming on Hollywood Drive.

Ragozine refused at first to open his window for police and also rummaged around inside the SUV despite being told repeatedly not to do so, reports said. Reports said he appeared to be drunk and when he got out of his SUV, he appeared to be trying to confront the officer on the side of the interstate, so the officer grabbed his arm, pushed him against the SUV and handcuffed him, reports said.

Reports said Ragozine refused to take a breath test once he was at the township police station and he threatened to “dox,” or find embarrassing information about the officers and post it on the internet if they did not reduce the OVI charge to disorderly conduct.

Police later released Ragozine into the custody of his mother. Reports said he is also under investigation for another matter at the casino before police were called about his driving.