AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – New details are emerging after gunshots were heard and two people were injured during a fight in Austintown over the weekend.

According to an Austintown police press release, Joseph Hoffman, 18, was arrested on two counts of felonious assault, robbery, possessing criminal tools, and obstructing official business.

A police report says police were called to the 100 block of Roanoke Avenue just before 10 p.m. Friday after a caller said Hoffman was, “coming out now with the gun.”

Several callers also said they heard gunshots and screaming in the area.

At least nine officers responded to the scene with EMS and the Austintown Fire Department.

When police arrived on scene, victims informed them that Hoffman was locked inside with a gun and two other victims, according to the report.

Police climbed a ladder in the back of the home to get access to the victims in a bedroom. When they arrived, the victims pointed to where Hoffman was.

When the police climbed back down the ladder, they heard Hoffman say, “sorry” and then the victims started screaming, according to the report.

Police ordered Hoffman out of the house, while the victims tried to exit. When the victims were out safe, officers tried to break down the door. Hoffman then came to the door and opened what was left of it.

Reports say Hoffman then sat down in the living room when officers entered the house and arrested him.

Witnesses say Hoffman hit one victim in the head with a hammer before he picked up the gun. He also fired the gun near another victim’s head, according to the report.

Other victims say he tried to enter the room they were in with a knife. He broke the door in and then hugged them and said he was sorry, according to the report.

During a struggle, one victim also got a cut on her hand from the knife.

All victims say Hoffman was threatening to kill them.

No one was hit by the gunfire, and the victims were treated at the scene.

Police recovered the knife and two guns from the scene.

Police say additional charges are pending for Hoffman.