AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Those who operate the kennel at the Mahoning County Dog Warden’s Office say they’ve reached their worst fear: they’ve run out of available space.

Workers said they have run out of cages to hold larger dogs. The kennel now has about 80 animals in its care.

New dogs are brought in just as quickly as others are removed, either through adoptions or taken by other rescue agencies.

“There are so many dogs running loose now. The majority of the dogs we’re getting in are young and they haven’t been properly socialized, so we’re battling that, trying to get them ready for a home. If people would just make the commitment to keep the dog for its lifetime,” said Lisa Hill, the kennel manager.

Hill said while workers will find spaces for strays that are brought in, they are no longer able to accept dogs their owners try to surrender — at least until the population can be reduced.