YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Even though Youngstown State University is closed and all of their classes are online, there are still some students living on campus. An Austintown dentist wanted to give them a special meal for free during this tough time.

There are still 66 students living on YSU’s campus.

On Saturday night, Dr. Rajiv Taneja, a dentist from Austintown, teamed up with staff at YSU to hand out pizza and drinks to the students still there.

“I thought, what could be better than serving them a meal. Pizza, chips, drinks, donuts. See some smiles,” said Taneja.

President of the YSU foundation Paul McFadden says that although there is a meal plan already in place, they wanted to do something special and different for students.

“No student likes cafeteria food, but every college student likes pizza and donuts, so today is something special for our students,” said McFadden.

While they’re away from home, students are not only grateful for a meal, but they’re also grateful to know that there are people who care about them during this pandemic.

“A lot of parents can’t forward money to students right now, but through the grace of God, God allows certain people to donate and to bring food to us,” said YSU student, Marquae Calhoun. “So I’m just grateful.”

An earlier version of this story contained the incorrect town the dentist is based out of. The actual town is Austintown and the story has been corrected.