Austintown company develops occupancy tracking and mask detection system

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SenSource took its people's counting ability and added two new features.

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Businesses have had to make changes over the last nine months. An Austintown company has found a way to keep helping other businesses follow rules and remain open.

When the coronavirus started, SenSource took its people counting ability and added two new features. Its sensor technology can tell if people are wearing masks, and it tracks occupancy in real time. The screen turns red when limits are broken and there are too many people.

“Our sensors have A.I. built into them which allows them to be extremely accurate. Many times offering over 99% accuracy,” said Marketing Director Andy Clutter.

SenSource is based in Austintown. First News has featured their technology before helping companies get an accurate count of foot traffic. It developed the new applications within a month of the pandemic starting.

“Since the pandemic hit, we’ve served over 140 individual clients,” said General Manger Dan Aluise.

That’s roughly 900 individual locations where its sensors are helping. They reduce the need for people to try and do it with pen and paper or hand clickers.

“You can assign your employees to do things that are higher profile rather than counting,” Clutter said.

The new measures also give stores peace of mind knowing people are wearing masks and following state rules. Plus, how many people are in the store at one time.

“The best value for us is to provide our clients the ability to remain open as much as we can to generate profit and stay in business. We do feel more companies that have a system like this will help improve the reopening,” Aluise said.

SenSource is working next on adapting sensors to encourage social distancing, which would replace all the stickers we’re seeing on the ground.

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