Attorney questions Facebook comment made by another local attorney

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The attorney explained the remarks as sarcastic and says they were taken out of context

Attorney James Finamore is accused of posting a troubling comment on social media.

(WKBN) – A local attorney is speaking out against comments made on Facebook by another attorney.

“I saw the post and didn’t do anything about it for a few hours, but it bothered me, you know,” said Attorney Sarah Thomas Kovoor.

Kovoor was referring to comments made by Attorney Mark Finamore. Another person shared a screenshot of the post in which Finamore comments, “I take solace in knowing that I have the one thing they want and will never have. When I get up every day I’ll still be white and they won’t.”

Kovoor acknowledges that Finamore has the right to comment what he wants, but she questions the language he used in the context of his professional position — as an attorney and former magistrate of the Girard Municipal Court.

“I found it very dehumanizing,” Kovoor said, saying she wrote back to Finamore to call him out on the post.

WKBN spoke to Finamore about the comment. He said he thought he was directly responding to his friend and didn’t realize other people had access to his friend’s post and the comment. 

“It was a sarcastic comment in response to one of my friend’s sarcastic comments to me,” he said.

He said he understands why people could have taken offense to it but says it was taken out of context.

Wednesday, the Hubbard Township Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #85 issued a statement, as Finamore is used as the township’s legal counsel:

F.O.P. Lodge #85 DOES NOT condone this type of statement. We are public employees that serve all people. We do not discriminate toward anyone based on race, religion, culture, or political beliefs.

We are appalled by the alleged comment made and want to ensure the community and the public that this statement made on Facebook does not represent F.O.P. Lodge #85. We want the community to know that we stand by them, and not the alleged statement expressed on Facebook.

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