Heads up if you watch WKBN with an over-the-air antenna: We’re switching frequencies on Monday.

Most viewers won’t need to do anything, but some will.

WKBN 27 Chief Engineer Tom Zocolo spent the last several months installing and testing the Valley’s most technologically-advanced television encoder.

“The statistical multiplexer basically looks at all of the video signals all of the time,” Zocolo said. “Well, what it means to the viewer is they will see all of our signals with the same quality they are always used to.”

At 12:35 p.m. Monday, the station puts that new technology on the air.

We’re doing that as part of the government’s program to transfer frequencies from TV broadcasters to cell phone companies.

“On Monday afternoon, you will still see WKBN on 27.1. You will still see WYFX on 27.2 and 19.1. You will still WYTV as 33.1 and MyYTV as 33.2,” Zocolo said. 

If you watch WKBN 27 through cable or satellite providers, you won’t need to do a thing.

If you watch through an antenna, the steps will vary depending on what company made your TV. Some may automatically find the new frequencies.

If you can’t see WKBN 27, you will need to follow the manufacturer’s directions to rescan the channels.

The rescanning process could take a few minutes, again depending on the television.

19.1 – WYFX / FOX in HD
19.2 – MyYTV / MyNet in HD
19.3 – ION in SD
19.4 – Bounce in SD
19.5 – LAFF in SD
19.6 – Get TV in SD
27.1 – WKBN / CBS in HD
27.2 – WYFX / FOX in HD
33.1 – WYTV / ABC in HD
33.2 – MyYTV / MyNet in SD

This won’t be the last time you need to go through this process.

All local stations will have to change frequencies in late summer or fall of 2019.