CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — Inflation has been hitting the restaurant industry hard. Food prices keep going up while keeping workers is getting tougher to do.

Ghossain’s Gourmet Mediterranean Food has three restaurants across the Valley. They’ve been around since 1970, under three generations. Now, some of the main foods they use are being affected by inflation.

“It’s just been a little more difficult than normal, getting things, supplies,” said owner Joseph Ghossain.

Joseph said he might only get half of his order due to their distributor having labor shortages or other reasons, and chicken prices have started to rise.

“Everything has been trending higher. Supply and demand, when there’s a limited supply, obviously prices are going to go up,” said Joseph.

They’ve started to buy their chicken from nearby stores. Same thing with the gyro meat. The problem with chicken and gyro are similar.

“Sometimes you’ll get less. Sometimes you’ll see spikes in pricing. So it’s hard to keep pace with the changing costs,” said Joseph.

Joseph said they have a good supply of flour for their pita bread but those prices are rising, and they supply local stores and restaurants.

“And everything is distributed via truck. Freight charges, in some cases, have tripled or quadrupedal,” said Joseph.

Joseph said they have had to adjust prices but it’s also taking time away from doing other tasks. They also have a smaller staff due to worker shortage.

“We’re doing more with less people currently and they’re getting paid more accordingly,” said Joseph.

Now anybody dealing with inflation or food shortages or maybe even both, the big question becomes how much longer will this last?

“Never, at least in my 20 years of doing this full-time, have I noticed, you’re being attacked on every front,” said Joseph.