BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) — Whether it’s a lack of ingredients and items for school lunches or a shortage of Thanksgiving turkeys, there have been supply chain issues across the country.

Boardman t-shirt shop Soup City Designs is one of the stores experiencing supply chain issues.

“I am scared, but I also can’t be because I understand that life goes on,” said owner Nick Galantis.

Galantis and his wife Danielle have been making shirts, sweatshirts and much more since 2010. The family business started in their basement and four years ago, they opened their Market Street storefront.

Galantis said this year it’s been tough to fulfill orders.

“All this year, definitely, it’s crazy. I mean you can’t get things that normally we would be able to order today and have tomorrow, we can’t sometimes get them for months,” Galantis said.

He said hats, sweatshirts, sweatpants and even basic t-shirts are hard to come by. Soup City Designs can’t just get its garments from anywhere — that’s what makes it so tough. They want to get the best product for their customers.

“It’s mainly quality that we are looking for and longevity of the garment,” Galantis said.

Galantis said his suppliers told him this supply chain issue could last longer than expected.

“A lot of our suppliers are telling us that A, we’re going to have this issue until Q2 and Q3 of next year, so summer/fall of next year, we’re still going to be seeing some of this,” Galantis said.

Though Soup City’s racks are pretty full at the moment, the company is asking customers to be patient with them.

“It’s tough. At times it’s scary. People think that you own a business and all of a sudden you’re rich and you can afford it. We’re just a humbled mom and pop business that we are very proud in what we do,” Galantis said.

Soup City Designs will put out a supply chain shortage disclaimer to anyone that places orders with them. They are encouraging customers to order early for the holiday season.