‘At least he has some manners’: Mahoning County family shocked by bear caught on video outside home

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NORTH JACKSON, Ohio (WJW) – A North Jackson family knew some kind of wildlife had been near their home when they found their trashcans disturbed Sunday morning.

However, Tammy and Brian Brancaccio say they never expected to see what was recorded on security camera video.

“I came in the house, checked the cameras to see what raccoon was in my trash and saw the bear,” said Brian.

The video shows a large juvenile black bear inspecting their Halloween decorations, circling the home, sniffing around the back deck and then digging into their trash cans.

“He ran across my lawn, went past my daughter’s window which was unnerving, then onto the porch and by my living room,” said Tammy.

The bear, estimated to weigh approximately 150 pounds, stayed at the house for over a half hour and then before living, did something truly surprising.

“He had enough manners to pick the trash can up and put it against the house,” said Tammy, “I saw that and was like at least he has some manners, it was pretty amazing to see that.”

Wildlife experts warn homeowners to avoid bird feeders or leaving any food outside and to always secure trashcans.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife says the state has a small but growing black bear population.

They can range in size from 100 to 400 pounds and grow up to 6 feet in height when standing on their hind legs.

They say the bears are usually fearful of people.

However, if a person encounters a bear face to face, they say to remain calm, do not threaten or trap the bear, warn them off using a firm calm voice and/or clap your hands and back away slowly.

The Brancaccio’s have been warning all of their neighbors about the bear, while hoping he’s just visiting and not moving in.

“There are a lot of kids in the neighborhood. We’re telling the kids to be careful and watch where you’re going,” said Brian, “Definitely makes you keep an extra eye out.”

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