YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Mahoning County Assistant Prosecutor Dawn Cantalamessa resigned after being placed on indefinite paid administrative leave, according to Mahoning County prosecutor Paul Gains.

The resignation became official this past Monday, Gains confirmed.

Cantalamessa recently was in the hot seat after she was dismissed from a murder case in July.

Judge John Durkin dismissed her from prosecuting the aggravated murder case against Lavontae Knight because the defense attorney claimed Cantalamessa did not provide an important video to his team in “a timely fashion.”

According to court reports, the video showed a witness unable to identify Knight in a suspect lineup. There were some claims Cantalamessa did not receive the evidence until later, but a detective with Youngstown police said that was untrue.

Knight is accused of shooting 25-year-old Joshua Donatelli, who died in October 2018, to which he pleaded not guilty. The judge denied separate motions to dismiss the case.

At this time it is unknown if any further investigation into the incident will take place.