As GM strike nears 1 month, local dealers wonder how much longer they can hang on

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Two Mercer County dealerships are worried that a protracted strike could be bad for business

MERCER CO., Pa. (WKBN) – With the strike against General Motors now approaching one month, how are dealers doing with supplies? Two local GM dealers said that with cars still arriving, they are hanging on for now.

Even though no new GM cars have been produced in the last 29 days, GM is still shipping vehicles made before the strike began. So thus far, that hasn’t been a major issue for dealers.

The problem lies elsewhere.

Both Kevin Gagliardi of Taylor Chevrolet and Don Brady of Montrose are worried that a protracted strike could be bad for business.

“We haven’t seen any real effects on sales yet. Our inventory still is good and the 2020s are rolling in every day,” Gagliardi said.

In some cases, dealers needed to get creative to meet the needs of their customers.

“We went to Wisconsin to get a Cadillac for a customer. We went to Maryland, we went to Virginia. These are all about the same week. We went to three different states to get cars for our customers,” Brady said.

Although the sales department hasn’t seen an impact yet, other parts of the business are feeling the work stoppage.

“The one impact we are seeing is in service, with warranty and recall work. It is taking some time to get the parts. Parts are becoming an issue,” Gagliardi said.

Workers at Montrose and Taylor haven’t seen work stoppages like the current GM strike before, so they are worried what a lengthy strike could do to their business.

“I think if it goes on for another month or two, by the second month or the third month of the strike I think we’d be in some trouble,” Brady said.

Dealers have a simple message for GM.

“I would love to tell GM to really work together with UAW and end the strike,” Brady said.

Both dealerships said they are fine for the next month or two. With no contract deal yet, they are preparing for a long strike.

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