YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Warmer weather is on the way and you’ll probably want to go out and enjoy it. Here are some COVID precautions you might want to take.

Youngstown Parks and Recreation said its trails, green spaces and equipment are available to use, but reminded people to maintain social distancing or wear masks if distance isn’t possible. Carrying disinfectant wipes for park equipment is probably a good idea, too.

“While we’re out there enjoying our open spaces and our green spaces, please do so, but please make sure you’re doing it in a safe manner,” said Dawn Turnage, Parks and Rec director. “Make sure to maintain social distancing, simply hang out at your own risk because we do not have the opportunity to clean on a daily basis.”

Turnage said they have other programs and amenities that have had to be put on hold because of the pandemic, but they’re working on a plan to reinstate them.

Currently, there are no special events at Youngstown parks. They’re not renting out pavilion spaces either at this point.

“While we are continuing to open up a plan to reinstate our programming and people to rent out our facilities, we appreciate everyone’s patience,” Turnage said. “We will get there, but we want to make sure it’s a plan going by the recommendations of the governor but also the requirements of our local government.”

These recommendations are really universal if you plan to go to any park in the Valley. Stay safe out there and have fun.