EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WKBN) – It’s not the monster mash, it’s the monster mural along the side of the Quality Stamp Office Supplies and Equipment building in East Liverpool.

“I had the idea of having a contest where children could submit monster drawings and I would paint the best ones on the wall,” said Craig Wetzel, an artist with the Columbiana County Cove Rage.

Artist Craig Wetzel received almost 150 drawings total. He picked the best ones and will paint 21 in total.

“Some of them was because they were so original and unique that I didn’t have a choice and others were because they didn’t fit into the composition well,” Wetzel said.

One of the artists is Joy Boso of the Beaver Local School District.

“I drew it and it has spikes and a long tail,” said Boso.

“I really liked it because I like squish-mellows and that’s what I tried to do,” said Harlo Burcham, a student at the East Liverpool School District.

Wetzel takes 6 hours each day to paint, and believes it will take him about another week to finish the mural.

But he has rules set up for when he works:

  1. Clean, disease-free children welcome
  2. No stupid questions
  3. Idiots must remain on sidewalk
  4. Obey all Rules

“Well you have to have rules, when you do something and I can’t be painting the mural here and answering stupid questions or having people bother me. So we have to set some parameters,” said Wetzel.

Wetzel would like to do other murals for the other monsters.